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Uva Wine Bar

UVA is an Urban Diner supporter.

900 Seymour Street | Vancouver
Tel: 604.632.9560
Email: info@uvawinebar.ca

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Hours of Operation:
8am – 1:45 am Monday – Saturday
8am – 12:45 am Sunday

Uva Wine Bar, located adjacent to the Moda Hotel, is Downtown Vancouver’s newest enclave for connoisseurs of wines and spirits seeking a sanctuary that caresses the eye as well as the palate. From the finest charcuterie, to artisanal cheeses and to hard-to-find wine selections, indulge in Uva Wine Bar’s cosmopolitan, yet relaxed interpretation of a true Italian ‘enoteca’.

Uva Wine Bar epitomizes the spirit of its location in the heart of Downtown Vancouver’s arts and cultural district. Striking, yet inviting décor sets a bold statement. The elegant modernism of its interior design combined with the building’s historical elements, such as its delicate 1908 terrazzo floors, creates a unique, yet vibrant setting that must be experienced.

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