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How the Beer Oligopoly Apple Cart was Upset

by Rick Green 05.16.2012

^ Frank Appleton, Scottie McLellan, and John Mitchell at the Great Canadian Beer Festival in Victoria. On July 26, 1980, Labatt, Molson, and Carling O’Keefe locked out their unionized workers on the threat of a strike, and stopped distributing beer in BC. Since the Big Three produced all the beer sold in the province at […]

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Vancouver’s Craft Beer Shrine

by Rick Green 11.30.2009

Is a steak just steak, a wine just wine, or a coffee just coffee? Clearly, no. There are intrinsic differences in quality and the way each are prepared. An understanding of the whole process to get those items to our table also gives us a better appreciation of them. Finally, there is our social connection […]

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Bière avec Fromage

by Rick Green 02.24.2009

Beer and cheese pairing is growing in popularity amongst the craft beer crowd and is starting to trickle into the local culinary scene. In Victoria,  Spinnakers has their B.C. Artisan Cheese Taster appetizer course and Ottavio hosted a tasting with Phillips Brewing. Chef Lee Humphries of Vancouver’s FigMint Restaurant has hosted a number of pairings […]

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