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Pizzeria Farina

PIZZERIA FARINA is an Urban Diner supporter

915 Main Street | Vancouver

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Hours of Operation: From 5PM Tuesday through Sunday until the dough runs out

The minimalist menu is simple, consisting only of pizza and a few beverages. The menu boasts seven types of pizza and can be personalized with a selection of add-on topping options.

The serve-yourself concept is meant to inspire a sense of community. “Everyone looks after themselves … from ordering at the counter, to pouring their own water to bussing their own plates.” There are a few high-top tables for dine-in customers, or pizza can be taken out and enjoyed at home.

^ Photo by Phoebe Glasfurd

^ The Margherita - tomato sauce, sliced mozzarella, basil and extra-virgin olive oil ~ $12

^ (Photo by Phoebe Glasfurd) Pizzeria Farina sells artisan Italian products: house-made raw tomato sauce ($6/jar), house-made Chili-Infused and Oregano-Infused Olive Oil ($10/bottle or $18 for both) and anchovies, packed in either salt ($20) or oil ($4).

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