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JoieFarm Wines

JOIE FARM WINES is an Urban Diner supporter.

2825 Naramata Rd, Site 5 Comp 4 | Naramata BC
Toll free – 1-866-422-5643
Phone – 250-496-0073
Fax – 1-866-834-4008

Joie Farm Wines is owned and operated by Heidi Noble & Michael Dinn and is located on their farm on the beautiful Naramata Bench in the Okanagan Valley in the interior of British Columbia. Joie Wines is interested exclusively in the grape varieties of Alsace and Burgundy which excel in the cool-climate, desert landscape of the Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys. Joie wineryWe are particularly interested in making these wines because not only are they wines that we love and enjoy drinking, but we feel these varieties thrive and are relevant in our area. As young winemakers at the forefront of a new wine region, we are interested in exploring the potential and synergy between these aromatic varietals and their role in distinguishing the culinary West Coast of Canada as an emerging and unified cuisine

Owners & Winemakers:
Michael Dinn and Heidi Noble
Sales & Allocation Management:
Michael Dinn
Associate Winemaker:
Robert Thielicke



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