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Venison Heart Tartare

by Leung Man 03.16.2014

The venison heart from my fall hunt was sitting patiently in my freezer, waiting for me to come up with a preparation that was both delicious and unfussy. Christmas eve was creeping up though I wanted to share the heart with friends and family, nothing was inspiring me. Thinking back to a carpaccio I had […]

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Weekend Cook – Aged Eggnog

by Canucklehead 12.20.2013

A few months ago – I was reading through my issue of the Art of Eating (which is singularly excellent – you should seriously subscribe to it) when I read an article on aged eggnog. And I mean AGED – for up to a year. WTF!? You mix up eggs, dairy, sugar, and booze and […]

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Friday Cocktail: Mccallister Sour

by Gerry Jobe 01.11.2013

Matt “Magic” Majid (currently behind the wood at Hyde) is a bit of a bartending Macgyver; Matt’s the type of guy who walks into a gas station while on a road trip, and walks out with a hodgepodge of items that once everyone gets back to the hotel, he transforms into syrups and tinctures which […]

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Friday Cocktail: Scorpion Bowl

by Gerry Jobe 11.02.2012

When I was in Jamaica, I asked 14 of the international bartenders I was with to give me their philosophy in 30 seconds. Josh Ivanovic (at the time Bar Manager of Milk&Honey London) responded “Drink Daquiris and Margaritas, and pour Blue Drinks” I scoffed at this thinking he was joking. He responded “No, seriously… they’re […]

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Friday Cocktail: “Guns N’ Roses

by Gerry Jobe 10.19.2012

“Shrubs” are a great ingredient for cocktails. The unlikely combination of vinegar and fruit gives bartenders another option when considering ways to intensify flavours for cocktails. The Practice of creating shrubs began in the 16th century in England, as wine smugglers used to hide their cargo in the ocean and then once retrieved would add […]

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Friday Cocktail: Basil Amaretto Sour

by Gerry Jobe 09.14.2012

There is nothing like a great Amaretto Sour. For a bartender, it gives Amaretto a purpose if you will, a right to sit next to the small-batch bourbons and select amaros. It allows Amaretto to wander from it’s circle of friends in the “specialty coffee” district and hang with the cool kids over in “real […]

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Friday Cocktail: Killer Tomato

by Gerry Jobe 08.24.2012

I hate Caesars. I’ve tried to like them, I make a damn good one, I just cant bring myself to “enjoy” one. I went on a 2 week Caesar hunt a couple of years ago, and I recognized that as much as I try, I will never be enamored enough to truly crave, nor enjoy […]

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Friday Cocktail: Pisco Sour

by Gerry Jobe 07.20.2012

I always get asked the question, “What is Pisco?”  Pisco is a grape brandy produced in Peru and Chile. Both Peru and Chile claim that they invented the Pisco Sour, and therefore, it is the national drink of both countries. In actuality, The Pisco sour was invented by American barman Victor Vaughn Morris in 1921 […]

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Friday Cocktail: Apricot Crusta

by Gerry Jobe 07.06.2012

The Brandy Crusta is an important cocktail as it took the original cocktail formula of bitters, water, sugar and base spirit and incorporated citrus as an ingredient. Historians consider the Brandy Crusta to be the “Missing Link” between “Bittered Slings” and Modern Cocktails. This cocktail is the forefather to the Sidecar as well as the […]

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The Weekend Cook – BC Spot Prawns

by Canucklehead 05.21.2012

Okay – I am not telling you anything new by saying spot prawn season is upon us. But HOLY SHIT – SPOT PRAWN SEASON IS UPON US!!! I cannot think of a local seafood more universally beloved. Everyone has them on their menu (the wok seared soy prawns at Sea Harbour are fucking genius). What’s […]

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The Weekend Cook – Easter is for Eggs

by Canucklehead 04.09.2012

I have always had a thing for Easter Sunday meals. Growing up completely ignorant of the religious gravity of Easter, for me it was a time of chocolates, jelly beans, and yellow marshmallows. Easter also meant your first real warm weather meal of the year. Legs of spring lamb, glazed sweet hams, asparagus, crisp roasted […]

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Friday Cocktail: “The Old Kraken”

by Gerry Jobe 03.02.2012

(Photos courtesy of Spatulamedia) This variation on The Old Fashioned came to be from a conversation with fellow barman Micah Jensen. While creating drinks for our cocktail list we pondered what Mickey, Rocky’s Trainer would drink. We asked “What would Mickey’s cocktail be? What if Mickey and Quint from Jaws sat down at an old […]

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