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Mixed Plates

Mixed Plates Vol. 3 – Berkshire Pork Belly

by paulkamon 08.10.2010

In the last year, I bet you could have thrown a lawn dart in the air and chances are very good that it would have pinned a restaurant with pork belly on its menu. This classic mouth-watering piece of fatty protein is back in vogue with a vengeance and has unceremoniously and thankfully dethroned the […]

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Mixed Plates Vol. 2 ~ Pad Thai

by paulkamon 07.09.2010

Pad Thai. One of Thailand’s national dishes, originally popularized in the 1930’s by the Thai government in an effort to reduce rice consumption amongst its people to help preserve the country’s export market during a recession, is just wicked good comfort food.

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Mixed Plates Vol. 1 ~ Steak Frites

by paulkamon 06.16.2010

People ask me where I like to eat a lot. And the answer is typically: “all over!” But perhaps a better question, or at least the question I would rather answer is,” what dishes do you like to eat?” So, in the lost artful tradition of a mixed tape, here is the first installment of […]

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