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Espresso Done Right by the Flight at Vancouver’s Milano Lounge

by Tim Pawsey 05.16.2013

I’ve learned to treat espresso with respect. It doesn’t take much to get me buzzed! My cup of choice, when I drink coffee (which isn’t every day), tends to be an Americano. But I love espresso ‘neat’—especially when it’s done right, every step of the way. Recently I had a fascinating (and tasty) hour or […]

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Mycotoxins in Coffee

by Colter Jones 03.28.2013

The modern health conscious individual can at times border on hypochondria. Whether it’s lactose intolerance or allergies to gluten, there will always be the latest and the greatest disease du jour for us to subscribe to. Recently I learned of a new one. Dave Asprey is a self proclaimed health guru that preaches the many […]

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Supertasters vs. Bitters

by Colter Jones 02.08.2013

What do people like? It’s a question that most coffee retailers should probably ask themselves more. Specialty roasters tend to pursue a taste and style of coffee that is based on personal preference and a heightened knowledge of what quality coffee tastes like, but does the average customer share these ideals? Perhaps not. Taste is […]

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Vancouver’s Most Beautiful Cafes

by Colter Jones 11.08.2012

As a coffee lover I’ve always believed that coffee should be the primary focus of a café. If the coffee is good, I can forgive pretty much anything. That said, the places that I most frequent are those that have went the extra mile to make not only a superior product but also a great […]

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We Met at Starbucks

by Colter Jones 07.01.2012

For those of you who don’t watch Christopher Guest films religiously this might help to explain the title. “Twin” businesses are a marketing term for identical branded shops that open up right across from each other in prime real estate to control market share in a specific neighbourhood. For the past 20 years Starbucks has […]

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Better Hand-Drip

by Colter Jones 05.28.2012

Only a few years ago espresso was the dominant focus amongst most coffee shops that were trying to produce delicious drinks. It’s now commonplace to walk into a neighbourhood coffee shop to find expensive espresso equipment and novelties like latte art, which seemed like magic to most customers in the not so distant past. Dr. […]

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A Sneak Peek at 49th Parallel’s Doughnut Shop

by Colter Jones 05.08.2012

What do you get when you combine great coffee with high quality doughnuts? Answer: the worst kept secret in town. I’ve been busily working away at preparing to open the second café for 49th Parallel, which will feature doughnuts under the brand of “Lucky’s Doughnuts”. Why doughnuts you say? Why not?! The idea of doing […]

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Style vs. Substance – The Aurelia III

by Colter Jones 04.01.2012

No matter how much you spend on the rest of your home, every party that you hold will begin and end in the kitchen. This is not unlike the espresso machine, which is a natural talking point where customers gather around swapping stories while eagerly anticipating deliciousness. At a point we have to realize that […]

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Vancouver’s First Cycling Café “Musette” Opens on Burrard

by Colter Jones 03.13.2012

Celeste green is now the official colour of a spandex safe zone. The iconic colour of Bianchi bicycles is featured throughout Musette, Vancouver’s first cycling café, which opened this week at 1262 Burrard Street. The location is just off of Davie and Burrard but it’s a bit tricky to find because they are located in […]

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Matchstick Men… And Women

by Colter Jones 02.13.2012

Rarely do I find myself near Fraser and Kingsway, but I think that I might have to start visiting more often. Recently Matchstick Coffee opened up at 639 East 15th (near Les Faux Bourgeois) bringing quality coffee to a neighbourhood that sorely needed it. The name Matchstick denotes a sense of simplicity and old-timey charm […]

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Keeping it Fresh – Part Two

by Colter Jones 01.31.2012

‘Fresh’ is a term in coffee that has been overused by retailers and consumers alike, to the point that it doesn’t mean anything anymore. What is freshness? Typically fresh coffee is thought of as a roasted product. It has only been within the last few years that roast dates have become a relevant selling feature […]

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Prado Reopens Under New Ownership

by Colter Jones 01.02.2012

For the last seven years Prado, located at 1938 Commercial Drive, has been a destination spot to Vancouver coffee lovers. Located in a beautiful heritage building, Prado’s location is on par with the high ceilings and exposed brick cafes that you can find in Seattle. The interior is beautiful in its minimalism. White walls fill […]

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