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Venison Heart Tartare

by Leung Man 03.16.2014

The venison heart from my fall hunt was sitting patiently in my freezer, waiting for me to come up with a preparation that was both delicious and unfussy. Christmas eve was creeping up though I wanted to share the heart with friends and family, nothing was inspiring me. Thinking back to a carpaccio I had […]

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Gung Hei Fat Cho!! Without the Chinese Food

by Canucklehead 01.26.2014

Chinese New Year will be on January 31st this year, and Chinese families will gather en masse to feast on groaning tables of food and loudly wish each other good wishes for the coming year. This is the busiest time of the year for Chinese Restaurants and places like Kirin, will have special menus with […]

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The Weekend Cook – The Multicultural Roast Pig

by Canucklehead 01.02.2014

I think it’s a pretty obvious statement to make that Vancouver is Multicultural – but I can tell you from first-hand experience our local multiculturalism runs deeply in way that only perhaps Los Angeles can match. It’s not just the “usual” mixing of people in neighbourhoods, but how people connect and build lives with loved […]

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Weekend Cook – Aged Eggnog

by Canucklehead 12.20.2013

A few months ago – I was reading through my issue of the Art of Eating (which is singularly excellent – you should seriously subscribe to it) when I read an article on aged eggnog. And I mean AGED – for up to a year. WTF!? You mix up eggs, dairy, sugar, and booze and […]

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Bistro Wagon Rouge – So True

by Canucklehead 11.26.2013

Among certain diners, there is this back and forth around idea of authenticity. On the one hand, there are those who adhere very closely to the original, and see beauty and continuity in respecting tradition. On the other side, there are those who question the value in holding onto the past. After all, we live […]

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The Urban Diner 30

by Editor 11.03.2013

The Urban Diner 30 The premise of the list is simple – where do we like to go eat?  Where would we recommend to people who have come in from out of town?  Vancouver has a varied dining landscape, and there are so many great choices.  The listing is our go to list containing everything […]

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Craft Beer Review: Schneider Weisse Mein Nelson Sauvin

by Joe Wiebe 08.17.2013

Schneider Weisse is Germany’s oldest wheat beer brewery, dating back to 1872. Prior to that, the Bavarian royal family held the exclusive rights to brew wheat beer, but when King Ludwig II decided to get out of the business, Georg Schneider bought the royal brewery. The company has stayed in the Schneider family ever since […]

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Thirsty – A Craft Beer Column: August 2013

by Joe Wiebe 08.14.2013

Summer of Beer Summer is beer season, and what a great summer we’ve enjoyed this year throughout British Columbia. I was lucky to enjoy incredible weather as I travelled around BC promoting my book, Craft Beer Revolution: The Insider’s Guide to B.C. Breweries. Following its publication in May, I launched the book at events with […]

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Farmers Apprentice – I’ve Got a Peaceful Easy Feeling

by Canucklehead 08.02.2013

Vancouver always gets put down for being too pretty, for resting on our laurels, and not having any ambition. I think the rest of Canada sees this city as the Millenial of the family, young and full of promise – but more concerned about bike lanes and trees than getting a desk job. But this […]

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Cooling Down in the Capital

by Shelora Sheldan 07.30.2013

This perfect Victoria summer has us taking to the streets to seek out our favourite vendors for delicious cool down treats. From ice cream to ice pops here’s a list of the top four to melt over. Ice cream maven Autumn Maxwell of Cold Comfort creates some fine, and astonishing, flavours served up in pints […]

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Maenam – James Beard Dinner Redux

by Canucklehead 07.11.2013

I needed a breather. Even though I exist on the outer periphery of the whole food media thing – it amazes me how short the news cycles have become. Instant Yelp reviews, gossip at the speed of light, everyone aiming for insider information. And with Eater now hiring for Vancouver correspondents, things are only going […]

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Time Estate Winery Unveiled by BC Wine Pioneer Harry McWatters

by Tim Pawsey 06.24.2013

I never thought I’d use Harry McWatters’ name in the same sentence as Jim Croce’s.  But there I was, walking home from the official launch of the BC pioneer’s new winery, Time Estate Winery, quietly humming to myself Time in a Bottle! Harry and I have shared more than a few meals over the years. And […]

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