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Hit & Run

Hit & Run – Rare and Endangered Products Edition

by paulkamon 12.14.2012

This week’s Hit & Run involves a herd of elephants raising the stakes in the coffee game, overheating black truffles migrating north, and an unfolding wine tragedy in Tuscany. So pop the cork, sit back and enjoy!

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Hit & Run: Guy Fieri Twinkie Edition

by Editor 11.22.2012

In this week’s edition, we pay our respects to Hostess, a stalwart producer of fine quality addictive junk food of our teenage bong years, and we throw more grease and donkey sauce on the raging  kitchen fire known as Guy Fieri. Loosen your belt buckle, grab a few Twinkies and enjoy the delicious carnage.

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Hit & Run: Super Rich and Depraved Edition

by Editor 10.11.2012

In this most depraved edition of Hit and Run you will learn of the Germans latest drunken contribution to booze culture as well as what the UK will not be serving ever again. You will find a palace for chickens, as well as a kitchen overflowing with well-paid Super Chefs, and finally you will uncover […]

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Hit and Run: Big Bacon Edition

by Editor 09.24.2012

Have you ever tried bacon jam? Well, I recently encountered this delicious secret foodstuff of the Gods for the first time at the Sunshine Music Festival in Powell River. This devilish bite (a tightly held trade secret) was just a teaser for a new restaurant called Hub 101 Cafe, Bar & Bistro. Opening soon at the […]

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Hit and Run – Derivative Edition

by Editor 08.13.2012

Until I can dubiously coerce the illustrious Keith Talent away from his extended lime beer frisbee golf vacation, I will be distilling a sampling of his culinary mischief in the UD lab to make a highly concentrated and potentially dangerous hi-proof derivative of his ‘Hit and Run’ feature. Sit back, buckle up and enjoy.

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Hit & Run – Boozy Weekend Edition

by Keith Talent 09.16.2011

Welcome to your roundup of all things drink. Kingsley Amis, Papa Hemingway and Christopher Hitchens approve! Come on in to read more about legal drinks on the golf course, a little bit of Appalachia in Newton, failing mass market beer brands and misguided public policy.

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Hit & Run – Wet Long Weekend Edition

by Keith Talent 05.21.2011

File the current weather patterns under reason 38 of why I don’t camp. And on that bombshell lets move onto this weeks roundup of web finds and poorly reasoned speculation.

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Hit & Run – Beer Free Edition

by Keith Talent 05.10.2011

Overwhelmed with the VCBW hoopla? Me too. Go get a proper drink, a nice glass of wine and settle in for the barley pop free edition of Hit & Run. This week we read about local farmed  caviar production, check in at Tokyo Hooters (not guaranteed  one hundred percent beer free zone. Insidious stuff, it […]

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Hit & Run – Spring Break Reading List Edition

by Keith Talent 03.20.2011

What, you think that just because school is out you’re going to spend the next two weeks sitting around in your pajamas watching Phineas and Ferb cartoons all day? Don’t make me go all Tiger Mother on you.

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Hit & Run – Hump Day Edition

by Keith Talent 03.09.2011

I despise the phrase “hump day”, why am I using it? Inside we’ve got a new world’s biggest chain restaurant, some tasty schadenfreude and revisit a topic from last week. Regardless, come on in and check out our mid week self-loathing edition.

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Hit & Run – New Years Hangover Edition

by Keith Talent 01.07.2011

First Hit & Run of 2011, just in time for the inaugural weekend of the year, and starting the drunken recrimination cycle all over again. Lets get down to business. We’ve got coffee and horses and honey and a deceased chicken man and Chinese chefs too! It will be exciting.

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Hit & Run – Truffled Porsche Edition

by Keith Talent 12.27.2010

Come on in to check out a porcine truffle hunting race car, the worlds most expensive noodles and Bourdain aping the cool kids with his own Tumblr; all in this final 2010 edition of Hit & Run.

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