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Time Estate Winery Unveiled by BC Wine Pioneer Harry McWatters

by Tim Pawsey 06.24.2013

I never thought I’d use Harry McWatters’ name in the same sentence as Jim Croce’s.  But there I was, walking home from the official launch of the BC pioneer’s new winery, Time Estate Winery, quietly humming to myself Time in a Bottle! Harry and I have shared more than a few meals over the years. And […]

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Espresso Done Right by the Flight at Vancouver’s Milano Lounge

by Tim Pawsey 05.16.2013

I’ve learned to treat espresso with respect. It doesn’t take much to get me buzzed! My cup of choice, when I drink coffee (which isn’t every day), tends to be an Americano. But I love espresso ‘neat’—especially when it’s done right, every step of the way. Recently I had a fascinating (and tasty) hour or […]

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Tapping In: Wine on Tap Continues to Pour It On

by Tim Pawsey 04.29.2013

There’s plenty going on at Vancouver Urban Winery these days—including wine on tap at Gastown’s soon to be open TUC Craft Kitchen. They’ve even re-purposed a couple of vintage fire extinguishers as part of the deal! Last week we were tasting Blasted Church Hatfield’s Fuse on tap from a portable unit at Brix Restaurant. The occasion was the inaugural Okanagan Falls Winery Association Tasting.Next week […]

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The Roof at Black+Blue: Emad Yacoub Unwraps Another Stunner

by Tim Pawsey 04.15.2013

I’m never really surprised but I am often amazed by what Emad Yacoub gets up to. He’s the dynamo behind Vancouver’s ever-expanding Glowbal Group. Come April 25th, Yacoub will take things at Black & Blue Steakhouse to the next level—literally—when he officially opens  The Roof at Black+Blue. Even getting a streetside patio permit in Vancouver can be challenging. But talk to anyone […]

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5 Reasons Why, Even in the Rain, this Cactus will Soon be Flourishing

by Tim Pawsey 03.21.2013

The other day I found myself outside the new Cactus Club Coal Harbour—across from Vancouver’s Convention Centre West. The newest cactus landmark opened yesterday, March 20th, at 5 pm. To celebrate the opening and Cactus Club’s 25th Anniversary, the Olympic Cauldron was lit. Circumstances prevented me from being able to tour the inside of the […]

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Long Table: Craft Distilling (Finally) Comes to Vancouver

by Tim Pawsey 02.25.2013

Today marks a truly auspicious occasion in the sometimes murky history of Vancouver’s liquor trade. Long Table Distillery officially opens its doors—marking the launch of the city’s first distillery in several decades. The path to pulling the wraps off the converted warehouse hasn’t been easy. “And nobody said it would be,” says owner and distiller Charles Tremewen, who with his wife Rita […]

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Six Last Minute Ways to Toast Your Valentine

by Tim Pawsey 02.14.2013

Roses are red Violets are blue If I drink pink You will too Some men (apparently) are notorious for leaving Valentine’s (and probably a whole lot of other things) until the last minute. And as you might have guessed, we’re no exception to the rule. That said. Here’s a clutch of Valentine drops that might […]

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Ten Top Tastes: Hired Belly’s Best $38 Dine Out Vancouver Menus

by Tim Pawsey 01.21.2013

I’ve been doing a little soul searching on my decision to exclude restos who omit to show BC VQA wine pairings on their DoV website menu listings. But in the end I’ve decided it’s perfectly appropriate not to highlight them, regardless as to how good the plates look. (Our selection criteria are here…) Dine Out actually costs cold cash and labour to stage, […]

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California Shines Again at 2013 Vancouver International Wine Festival

by Tim Pawsey 01.15.2013

When I was looking for an image to run with this post (most of which appears in this weekend’s North Shore News), I input “Mondavi” into my Spotlight and the above is what popped up. In my mind, and I suspect for many others, California wine and Robert Mondavi will forever be inextricably linked. I […]

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Umberto Menghi to Close Celebrated Il Giardino After 37 Years

by Tim Pawsey 01.08.2013

You could say it truly is the end of an era. Umberto Menghi  has announced that he will close much celebrated Il Giardino (1382 Hornby St., Vancouver,  604-669- 2422) later this spring. The restaurant, which Menghi  founded 37 years ago, has long been a favourite haunt of Vancouver’s movers and shakers. Its closure comes as no surprise: Menghi— who […]

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12 Newbies in 2012 That Made Vancouver’s Dining Scene Even Better

by Tim Pawsey 12.26.2012

One of the hazards of writing “Best of” / “Year End” lists is that you’re guaranteed to miss one (or more)—even more likely if you’ve been waging a kleenex demolition derby against the lurgy sweeping through Vancouver these days. That said, here’s a greatly expanded version of our best dining newcomers column that ran in the Courier, along with a couple of extra inclusions […]

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Eight Perky Sparklers to Get You in the Holiday Mood

by Tim Pawsey 12.19.2012

(Image by: maureendidde) Thinking of buying some bubbles in the next few days? You’re not alone. By far the majority of Champagne quaffed during the year is consumed during the holidays—and the same goes for sparkling wine. Here in the swank surroundings of Hired Belly corporate HQ, while we relish the taste of Champagne as much […]

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