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National Barchef Competition

by Lauren Mote 08.04.2010

One of the coolest experiences in a bartender’s career is the ability to reach beyond the bar. You may take pride in being lightning fast during a Friday night well service, or you might thrive at pumping out classic drinks executed perfectly by the dozen at a cocktail party, but nothing compares to the incredible […]

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‘Refined’ Cocktails

by Lauren Mote 05.31.2010

With Vancouver now firmly on the world stage, I wanted to share 4 cocktails that effectively showcase every part of The Refinery’s cocktail program. The focus is always homemade, first and foremost, followed by health properties, classic technique and innovation. Enjoy!

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American Whiskey

by Lauren Mote 05.24.2010

(Photo by: Tracey Gessner) The hallmark of contemporary spirit distillation in the United States is arguably the most delicious – American Whiskey. Its history has not been extremely well documented, but nonetheless a significant timeline, coinciding with a rich American history, tells a long tale of whiskey’s evolution from a “xxx” marked moonshine bottle in […]

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UD Cheese Safari

by Lauren Mote 11.03.2008

Vancouverites never had it so good. Between the eclectic dining scene and all the new specialty food shops popping up all over the city, it is easier than ever to find unique, quality food products for entertaining folks with discerning palates. This week’s culinary safari has us hunting for cheese…

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