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Craft Beer Review: Schneider Weisse Mein Nelson Sauvin

by Joe Wiebe 08.17.2013

Schneider Weisse is Germany’s oldest wheat beer brewery, dating back to 1872. Prior to that, the Bavarian royal family held the exclusive rights to brew wheat beer, but when King Ludwig II decided to get out of the business, Georg Schneider bought the royal brewery. The company has stayed in the Schneider family ever since […]

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Thirsty – A Craft Beer Column: August 2013

by Joe Wiebe 08.14.2013

Summer of Beer Summer is beer season, and what a great summer we’ve enjoyed this year throughout British Columbia. I was lucky to enjoy incredible weather as I travelled around BC promoting my book, Craft Beer Revolution: The Insider’s Guide to B.C. Breweries. Following its publication in May, I launched the book at events with […]

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Belgian Beers in BC

by Joe Wiebe 05.28.2013

Here in British Columbia we are lucky to have a wealth of Belgian beers available—ones that were actually brewed in Belgium as well as Belgian styles produced by BC breweries. And there so many styles that all fall within the “Belgian” category: wits; saisons/farmhand ales; golden ales; Trappist/Abbey Ales; dubbels, tripels, quads; sour beers; and […]

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Thirsty – A Craft Beer Column: May 2013

by Joe Wiebe 05.21.2013

The Best Time to Drink Beer in B.C.  “There has never been a better time to drink beer in British Columbia.” – Gary Lohin, brewmaster, at the Central City Brewing tap takeover at the Moon Under Water brewpub on May 9, 2013. I couldn’t agree more. The Canadian Brewing Awards were held in Victoria earlier […]

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Craft Beer Review: Full Nelson Imperial IPA

by Joe Wiebe 05.10.2013

Warning! I am about do some serious name-dropping. I apologize if this offends anyone’s sensibilities but I have my reasons. Yesterday, brewers from across Canada—from Tofino to Halifax and up to Whitehorse—converged on Victoria for the Canadian Brewing Awards, which are being held here this weekend. There will be a series of seminars and events […]

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Thirsty – A Craft Beer Column: April 2013

by Joe Wiebe 04.29.2013

Vancouver Craft Beer Week May 31 to June 8 Website | Twitter | Facebook Vancouver Craft Beer Week is back for its fourth year with a poker-related “We’re Going All In” theme that reflects the excitement of the boom in new breweries opening in Vancouver, as well as the location of the two-day VCBW Beer Festival, which will take […]

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Craft Beer Review: Lighthouse Brewing Barnacle Wheat IPA

by Joe Wiebe 04.17.2013

Victoria’s Lighthouse Brewing recently expanded its brewery into a neighbouring warehouse, which gave them the room to add some big, new fermentation tanks. This is great news for craft beer lovers since brewer Dean McLeod’s line-up of limited release beers in 650-mL bombers has been one of the most interesting collections of beers put out […]

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Thirsty – A Craft Beer Column: March 2013

by Joe Wiebe 03.25.2013

Festival Season Spring is here and with it the start of beer festival season. Sure, there are a couple of great winter beer events in British Columbia, including the Central City Winter Cask Festival, which was held in January, and the Alibi Room’s annual beer list centennial celebration, but the province’s major beer festivals are […]

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Craft Beer Review: Logsdon Organic Farmhouse Ales Seizoen

by Joe Wiebe 03.07.2013

Last June, I was lucky enough to spend three glorious, beer-drenched days in Portland, Oregon. At the end of my visit, I spent 20 chilly minutes browsing the incredible selection in the cold beer room of the downtown Whole Foods where I picked out a few bottles and cans to bring home to BC. One […]

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Thirsty – A Craft Beer Column: February 2013

by Joe Wiebe 02.18.2013

Growlin’ For Beer Growlers have been around for a long time. The unusual name dates back to the 1890s when New York City residents would carry draft beer from a bar to work or home using a half-gallon galvanized pail with a metal lid. The carbonation escaping under the lid made a purring or “growling” […]

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Craft Beer Review: Howe Sound Brewing Wee Beastie

by Joe Wiebe 02.04.2013

For hundreds of years, well into the 20th century, all beer was stored in wooden barrels, usually oak because of its sturdiness and waterproof quality. Industrialization of the brewing industry led to the advent of metal fermentation and conditioning tanks, glass bottles, and eventually aluminum cans and kegs. Barrels all but disappeared from the brewing […]

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Craft Beer Review: Fernie Black Mammoth Winter Ale

by Joe Wiebe 01.23.2013

When Fernie Brewing first opened in 2003, unlike most breweries it was busier in the winter than the summer. After all, during ski season there are as many as 9,000 people on the slopes of the three ski hills situated around the town of Fernie where only 5,000 reside year-round. Naturally, the bars and restaurants […]

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