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A Taste of BC Porters

by Chris Bjerrisgaard 02.15.2011

In the world of beer, porters are less known than the stouts that they spawned. The shame about this is that the beer first made in the 1700’s for transportation workers in Central London is arguably a much more accessible style. Originally made as a blend of English old ale, new ale, and mild ale, […]

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Red Truck Beer Dinner at Central Bistro

by Chris Bjerrisgaard 01.08.2011

Beer dinners are quickly becoming common place in the city of Vancouver. This revolution is lead by progressive restaurants that understand beer has just as much place at the dinner table as wine and are willing to showcase this to the masses. Central Bistro on Denman was one of the first venues in the city […]

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Beer Review: Hopworks Organic Survival “Seven-Grain” Stout

by Chris Bjerrisgaard 01.06.2011

With the cold just settling in, most beer geeks tend to seek out malt forward ales such as stouts, porters, and winter warmers. Finding a good example of these beers in the BC market is rather easy, however finding a great example can be much more difficult. Enter the Hopwork’s Urban Brewing and their Organic […]

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Five Winter Warmers to Pair With Your Holiday Festivities

by Chris Bjerrisgaard 12.21.2010

With Christmas mere days away, many people find themselves stressing about what wine to bring to dinner and how well it will pair with the food. I suggest thinking outside of the box and bringing an assortment of fine craft ales to dinner instead. Wine will always make an appearance at a holiday party, so […]

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Beer Review: GIB Imperial Chocolate Stout

by Chris Bjerrisgaard 11.29.2010

The folks over at Granville Island Brewing are known for their very accessible craft beers. Although they rarely make challenging beers that make the geeks swoon, their roster of quality lagers and ales have introduced countless new people to the craft brew world, which is both pivotal for the growth of the industry as a […]

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Beer Review: Deschutes Inversion IPA

by Chris Bjerrisgaard 11.11.2010

Most newcomers to the beer scene often find the Northwest IPA quite intimidating. Heavy on hops and bitterness, it usually goes from feared to obsessed over as one’s palate evolves. In what I can only speculate as an attempt to help speed up this evolution, Deschutes Brewing from Bend, Oregon created the Inversion IPA. Known […]

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Beer Review: Hopworks Rise-Up Red Ale

by Chris Bjerrisgaard 10.20.2010

In the world of red ales there are mild American ambers, malt forward reds, and the unearthly love child of traditional reds and the Pacific Northwest. Given the location of Hopworks Urban Brewery, Portland Oregon, I think you can imagine what type of red ale we have here. Needless to say, this is not your […]

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Granville Island Brewing’s Pumpkin Beer Launch at The Calling

by Chris Bjerrisgaard 09.26.2010

I’ll be the first to admit that I am the furthest thing from a food critic, preferring instead to stick to my safe little beer world. However, when asked to visit The Calling Public House, DHM’s flagship Davie Street pub, for a Granville Island Brewing beer dinner to help launch the seasonal release of their […]

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Beer Review: Mt. Begbie’s Nasty Habit IPA

by Chris Bjerrisgaard 09.17.2010

As summer turns to autumn the crisp air and fresh rain remind me why I love British Columbia. The land in which we live is nothing short of amazing. Due to this I went on a mission to find a beer that reflects our surroundings. Although a monumental task, Mt Begbie’s Nasty Habit IPA lives […]

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Beer Review: Pretty Things Mild Ale

by Chris Bjerrisgaard 08.17.2010

In my circle of friends it’s no secret I am a huge fan of the Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project. Every one of their brews is a unique take on a classic beer style, not brewed to BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) guidelines, but to the brewers own taste. Needless to say, I was […]

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Beer Review: Propeller IPA

by Chris Bjerrisgaard 07.29.2010

On this side of the country we proudly boast about creating the Canadian craft beer scene. Little to western knowledge, the eastern seaboard has quietly emerged with some world renowned breweries of their own. The leader of the pack hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia, going by the name of Propeller Brewing Company. Although best known […]

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Beer Review: Blue Bridge Double Pale Ale

by Chris Bjerrisgaard 07.08.2010

With patio season finally upon us, many search for the best venue in the province to sip a fine craft beer while enjoying sun and scenery. Those who have made their way to Spinnakers Brewpub in that quest will wax poetic about the gorgeous harbour views, ocean sounds, and classic BC craft beer flavours. That […]

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