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The Weekend Cook – The Multicultural Roast Pig

by Canucklehead on January 2, 2014

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I think it’s a pretty obvious statement to make that Vancouver is Multicultural – but I can tell you from first-hand experience our local multiculturalism runs deeply in way that only perhaps Los Angeles can match.

It’s not just the “usual” mixing of people in neighbourhoods, but how people connect and build lives with loved ones from different backgrounds. And it’s also how new cultures influence each other in ways that would not be possible otherwise. One only needs to look at the cross pollination of Mexican and Korean foods in LA to see how delicious the results are.

In Vancouver, it’s interesting to see how Chinese and other Asian cultures start intermingling. I was keen on bringing a whole roasted piglet to a Boxing Day dinner that has become a tradition among the families on my mother’s side. All told, its a gathering of three generations that tops out at about 60 people.

I was pointed towards an unassuming grocery store on East Hasting by the super smart FMed of WisemonkeyBlog fame. Just repeating “FMed” a few times encourages brain cell growth. I read that on the internet – so it must be true.

Better yet – it is located right beside the awesome Campo Roma – so you can settle in for a tasty pasta (their house made rigatoni special was crazy delicious) after place your pig order.

The 25 lb pig (at a great price of $168) comes ready to go in a box with Filipino All Purpose Sauce – which is super sweet, slightly spicy, and the perfect thing to dab your pork with.

I ordered my pig uncut so that I could present the pig offering is it’s full glory.

However, it also meant that we had to butcher it ourselves. Which baffled me and my cousins – but not to worry, our 73 year old aunt whipped out her cleaver and dispatched the pig easily.

Actually – the pig roaster does a bit of internal prepping for you so that carving is relatively easy (the back bone is split in two, most fat has been cooked off, and the meat is off the bone a little bit).

We had a giant platter of super succulent pork with crackling so crisp and puffed – I cried a little whenever I bit into it.

One rookie mistake – we piled the meat on top of each other – which made the skin soggy at the bottom. Next time – after we chop the pig, will carefully arrange the pieces back in the box to preserve the crispy skin for as long as possible.

So there you have it, Filipino Style Roast Pig from a Vietnamese Grocer operated by an ethnic Chinese owner, right beside a super tasty Italian joint.

Only in Vancouver – and that’s why I love this city.

Viet Thanh Supermarket
2285 East Hastings

Visit the shop to order your pig – each one is cooked to order. You must order a few days in advance.

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cellarmaster January 3, 2014 at 6:54 pm

Is that a member of Devo on the label of the Filipino all purpose sauce?

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