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5 Reasons Why, Even in the Rain, this Cactus will Soon be Flourishing

by Tim Pawsey on March 21, 2013

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The other day I found myself outside the new Cactus Club Coal Harbour—across from Vancouver’s Convention Centre West. The newest cactus landmark opened yesterday, March 20th, at 5 pm. To celebrate the opening and Cactus Club’s 25th Anniversary, the Olympic Cauldron was lit.

Circumstances prevented me from being able to tour the inside of the newest Cactus Club as of yet but this seemed like a good time to get a closer look at the exterior, which I’d noticed during Vintner’s Brunch. (Heck, how can you not notice it?!)

I’ll confess to being a bit of a photo-modding geek. Seeing as it was raining proverbial cats and dogs, the light wasn’t exactly cooperative, so these external shots were on the receiving end of an indecent amount of tweaking. What intrigues me is that they now look more like artist’s renditions! Though they’re not

I’m no longer surprised by what Cactus Club manages to achieve (including what they can put on the plate) but this latest edition exceeded my expectations. It seems to fit so well in the general scale of things—and makes a pretty good statement that after 25 years, Cactus Club is very much part of Vancouver’s dining landscape.

What struck me the most?

1. I like the way the building invites you into Jack Poole Plaza—which is fast becoming one of Downtown Vancouver’s most popular gathering places.

2. The Cactus Club green roof—which is accessible by both stairs and a glass sided elevator—complements the convention centre roof perfectly—and offers a great view of the cauldron sculpture.

3. Once on top, it’s impossible not to want to wander down towards the water. When you arrive at the point, a look back rewards with a remarkable intersection of lines and forms.

4. A giant “dormer” makes up most of the West Side of the restaurant, a wall of glass with full height sliding panels that produce an expansive, airy opening two thirds across, with sweeping views of Coal Harbour, the park and Lions Gate Bridge—plus, when they get here, even sunsets…

5. It’s hard to find sunny daytime patios downtown. Not so here, because the Cactus Club façade is set so far back it should get plenty of sun. Expect summertime line-ups for this prime patio real estate.

~ Tim Pawsey

*Article originally published at HiredBelly.com

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