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Friday Cocktail: “Guns N’ Roses

by Gerry Jobe on October 19, 2012

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“Shrubs” are a great ingredient for cocktails. The unlikely combination of vinegar and fruit gives bartenders another option when considering ways to intensify flavours for cocktails.

The Practice of creating shrubs began in the 16th century in England, as wine smugglers used to hide their cargo in the ocean and then once retrieved would add fruit to conceal the taste of sea water in the wine.

In 17th century colonial America, travellers would carry wine and fruit to sustain themselves on long journeys. Over the course of their travels, the wine would oxidize, so they would pour it over their fruit as a means of preservation. The fruit and the wine (now on its way to becoming vinegar) became a syrup, that once strained became a staple sweetener on these long journeys.

In the Okanagan, our overwhelming bounty of fruit forces us to consider new ways to utilize product. As a result we often create shrubs as an avenue to sustain our locally focussed cocktail scene during the winter months.

“Guns and Roses” began in the creative stages as an ode to Slash’s Iconic velvet hat, and evolved into a continuation of our rock n’roll inspired bourbon cocktails crossed with our love for shrubs. Balsamico and local Black Cherries create a rich, complex shrub that underscores the bourbon, resulting in a rich, dark intensity in this cocktail.  Welcome to the jungle, Jobe.

Guns N’ Roses

  • 2oz Bulleit Bourbon (The Guns)
  • 2oz Black Cherry/Firewood Balsamico Shrub (The Velvet)
  • 1oz lemon Juice
  • 1 egg white
  • 3 dashes house-made Rose Thorn bitters. (The Roses)
  • Dry Shake, add ice, Shake again and double strain into glass.

Black Cherry Balsamico Shrub: Add Cherries to a bowl and completely coat in Balsamico. Refrigerate for 72 hours, then muddle cherries and strain the syrup.

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