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Hit and Run: Big Bacon Edition

by Editor on September 24, 2012

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Have you ever tried bacon jam? Well, I recently encountered this delicious secret foodstuff of the Gods for the first time at the Sunshine Music Festival in Powell River.

This devilish bite (a tightly held trade secret) was just a teaser for a new restaurant called Hub 101 Cafe, Bar & Bistro. Opening soon at the historic intersection of Marine Avenue and Ash in Townsite on Hwy 101, the menu reads like a Guy Fieri wet dream and looks to be the next best thing to open on the wild end of the Salish Sea since Townsite Brewing brought real beer to the Sunshine Coast. (Exhibit A: “Cougar Turds” jalapeno peppers stuffed with cheese and smoked sausage, wrapped in bacon). See more evidence here.

And in the biggest bacon story Canadians never heard of…The mighty Burger King corporation refuses to share their new ‘Bacon Sundae’ with sweet and savoury addicts north of the 49th parallel. Read the sad news here.

How to build a better bacon explosion? Holy mother of sin, how do you make the ‘dirty bomb’ of  the NFL culinary world even better??  Well, here is one picante version that claims ultimate awesome has been realized. Take off your yoga pants and be your own judge: blow by blow recipe here.

This is a serious shout out to all the hard-core survivalists out there: this is the best use of Crisco I have ever seen on the Internets bar none.

When crops fail, does anybody hear? Well, shit is about to get real. For real real. There is a bacon and pork shortage on the horizon and it’s coming straight for us! Cherish the bacon like you’ve never cherished it before, because in times like these, it may be your last cheap and reliable piece for a while.



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