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Hit and Run – Derivative Edition

by Editor on August 13, 2012

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Until I can dubiously coerce the illustrious Keith Talent away from his extended lime beer frisbee golf vacation, I will be distilling a sampling of his culinary mischief in the UD lab to make a highly concentrated and potentially dangerous hi-proof derivative of his ‘Hit and Run’ feature. Sit back, buckle up and enjoy.

For Earth Day Canada, Canadian Chef Michael Stadtländer and French Landscape Artist Jean Paul Ganem have partnered to create the Singhampton Project, a “gastronomic installation” 2 hours north of Toronto with seven edible gardens where Chef Stadtländer will install a kitchen and create a dish to match the artistic concept of each garden. Never mind the carbon footprint of all those cars driving to see it, the idea is solid!

Victoria’s Phillips Brewing unleashes a hop monster known as “Pandamonium” – a double IPA revved up to a formidable 11% ABV. “We loaded hops into the pre-boil, and then added more hops every 11 minutes over a 111 minute boil for a grand total of 11 hop additions (plus a dry hop),” states the release. Weak palates, prepare to be destroyed. Hop-whores rejoice!

Food and Wine lists “America’s Best Pie Spots” and inadvertently launches Vancouver’s next trend/obsession.  For an immediate taste of Vancouver’s sweet culinary future, visit Acme Cafe for a slice of their signature peach or apple pie.

An Oregon man is off to jail for thirty days for collecting rainwater on his rural property. Apparently it’s the state’s water. See the next illogical step and multi-billion dollar idea in waiting here.

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