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Friday Cocktail: Pisco Sour

by Gerry Jobe on July 20, 2012

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I always get asked the question, “What is Pisco?”  Pisco is a grape brandy produced in Peru and Chile. Both Peru and Chile claim that they invented the Pisco Sour, and therefore, it is the national drink of both countries. In actuality, The Pisco sour was invented by American barman Victor Vaughn Morris in 1921 in Lima Peru.  His understudy, Peruvian barkeep Mario Bruiget elevated the cocktail to cult-status by adding egg whites and Angostura bitters to the equation. Delicate, frothy, and insanely drinkable, the Pisco Sour is a great way to begin an evening, or to cleanse the palate. Some bartenders prefer to add drops of angostura, or grated nutmeg or cinnamon to the top of the Pisco Sour to give the cocktail a little extra  element to the first few sips. This cocktail fueled the American gold rush in San Francisco and California in the late 1800’s and if you have yet to experience one yourself, I highly suggest you remedy this immediately.

  • 2oz Pisco
  • 1oz simple Syrup
  • 1oz Lime Juice (Peruvian) or 1oz Lemon Juice (Chilean)
  • 1 egg white
  • Dry Shake ingredients, Shake again with ice, double strain into Coupe or Rocks glass, Garnish with Angostura, or Grated Cinnamon or Nutmeg

~ Gerry Jobe

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Sandra February 26, 2013 at 8:45 pm

Pisco is frim Peru. Peru has a city called Pisco were this hard liquor from grapes is made

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