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Matchstick Men… And Women

by Colter Jones on February 13, 2012

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Rarely do I find myself near Fraser and Kingsway, but I think that I might have to start visiting more often. Recently Matchstick Coffee opened up at 639 East 15th (near Les Faux Bourgeois) bringing quality coffee to a neighbourhood that sorely needed it. The name Matchstick denotes a sense of simplicity and old-timey charm that is reflected throughout the space. Beautiful large cuts of aged wood are prevalent throughout the white-walled room, which is quite open and tasteful. Even the espresso machine is painted a subdued forest green.

Matchstick is owned and operated by Spencer Viehweger, Annie Viehweger and Aaron Braun who have all worked in coffee for years for companies like JJ Bean, Crema in West Van, and Elysian Room.

Spencer and Aaron, who used to roast for JJ, will soon have their own roaster up and running, but for now they are serving Phil & Sebastian coffee from Calgary. The roaster is already planted in the back of Matchstick, but like anything that requires an amount of perfection it will take time.

The limited amount of baked goods stresses the attention to delivering quality items that are still fresh and made with quality ingredients. Delicious. The espresso setup includes a brand new Mazzer grinder and La Marzocco Linea, which are both specialty coffee mainstays. Drip Coffee is being brewed to order on the Coava cone, which Revolver in Gastown helped introduce the city to. The shop is open from 7-6 everyday according to the website. Enjoy!

Matchstick Coffee Roasters
639 E 15 Avenue | Vancouver (Fraser & Kingsway)
Tel: 604 558 0639


~ Colter Jones

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