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Hit & Run – Boozy Weekend Edition

by Keith Talent on September 16, 2011

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Welcome to your roundup of all things drink. Kingsley Amis, Papa Hemingway and Christopher Hitchens approve! Come on in to read more about legal drinks on the golf course, a little bit of Appalachia in Newton, failing mass market beer brands and misguided public policy.

First up we have a study from U.K. medical journal The Lancet that concludes soaring British liver disease rates could be slashed by increasing the price of a drink. I’ll wait while you go back and read that again as your reaction was likely similar to mine, namely “uhhhh…booze is way cheaper in Italy and France than Britain.” I’d back my argument up with facts and figures but the UD research intern spends the whole day playing Angry Birds and wearing ironic facial hair, so I have no actual facts other than anecdotal that back that claim up. But it’s true. And completely divorced from reality and common sense. Making drink a part of a cultured lifestyle  enjoyed by adults as a means of relaxation rather than a vehicle towards a Friday night piss up would slash liver disease rates, not making it more expensive.

Next we have the Vancouver Parks Board considering legalizing an already common practice. I did not realize it was not permitted to take your beer at the turn onto the course, mostly as when they sell it to you they ask if you want that to takeaway and fit the cup with a go lid.

Next we have a list of beers in the US experiencing declining market share. These types of stories fill me with hope for mankind. Really? People are turning away from shitty mass market skunky junk when better beer is easily available? The only real revelation is that anyone actually buys Michelob Ultra, as declining market share implies it’s still being made.

Last we have news of a Surrey extreme craft distiller plying his trade outside of tradition distribution channels. This is the single best thing I’ve heard all week. Finally the alcoholic locavore can get their drink on. The Surrey RCMP say there’s likely similar operations around. I’m spending the weekend tapping on my neighbours basement windows to see, that’d be great if next door they were making Vancouver Islay.

Enjoy the weekend.


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