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“Revolver Coffee” Opens on Cambie Street in Gastown

by Mette-Marie Hansen on September 2, 2011

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Perhaps no one in the Giannakos family thought they would end up with a state-of-the-art coffee shop in downtown Vancouver when they opened Cafe Crema in West Vancouver back in December 2006. But this weekend, Revolver Coffee is set to open on 325 Cambie Street in Gastown after many months of build-out. The design is by Craig Stanghetta – I have to say I love the bright and airy space, and I love the guys brewing behind the bar. Tarry and Kristine Giannakos’ four sons will run the store. George, John, Chris and Matt are arguably some of the industry’s funniest and most dedicated baristas – and despite their young age they have travelled to coffee shops and events around the world and participated with other Vancouver colleagues like 49th Parallel Coffee Roaster’s Colter Jones in events like the TED coffee pavilion in Long Beach, California earlier this year.

They tell me they loved the building and the block where they’re located at first sight. In a neighborhood where chains like JJ Bean, Blenz and Caffe Artigiano has a solid standing, Revolver wants to offer something novel – their principal brew method will be the 1940s industrial design icon Chemex coffee brewer “with a twist”. Portland based Coava coffee roasters invented the Coava Kone in 2010, a metal mesh filter that fits in your Chemex. In my opinion, the cup result is like any filter brew, but slightly more viscous as there will be grounds at the bottom at your brewer, leading people to describe the tactile experience as something in between drinking a brew from a filter and a french press. In addition, they will on request brew using aeropress, siphon, abids, hario V60 and french press.

In addition to their two featured espressos, at the moment Hidden Cities espresso blend from Ritual Coffee Roasters in San Francisco and Panama Hartmann Honey from Calgary based Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters, they offer various drip coffees from these roasteries in addition to the aforementioned Coava Coffee.

Two more concepts are being rolled out as of their planned opening Friday morning: “Tasting flight” where they will brew different coffees on the Japanese Hario V60 filter brewer and a “brew flight” where they brew the same coffee in three different ways. Nerds – unite!

Naturally, many dreamy treats from Cafe Crema will be offered as well, couriered over the bridge every morning. Tentative opening hours 7:30am to 6pm 6 days a week, Sundays closed.

Revolver Coffee
325 Cambie Street | (Gastown) Vancouver
Tel: 604-558-4444

~ Mette-Marie Hansen

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