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Hit & Run – Wet Long Weekend Edition

by Keith Talent on May 21, 2011

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File the current weather patterns under reason 38 of why I don’t camp. And on that bombshell lets move onto this weeks roundup of web finds and poorly reasoned speculation.

First up, we have reports out of Toronto that summer 2011 promises to do for horse what the animal activists were unable to do to fatty goose liver. Someone should tell the protestors that if horses don’t want to be eaten they shouldn’t make themselves so damn delicious.

Next up we have a recipe to challenge you on this long weekend, Paula Deen’s English Peas. While the complexity of the preparation may tax your abilities, the comments are where the real humour is at.

Last, we have the hipster fetish of mashing real life into imaginary subway maps, with this remix of food culture.  Of particular note is the inclusion of local hero Blaine Wetzel. (I’m claiming him as a local, the restaurant is closer to Vancouver than any other city, and hooking our wagon to this rising star doesn’t seem imprudent.) He’s on the local line between Patricia Wells and Gabrielle Hamilton. Pretty lofty neighbourhood.


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