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Hit & Run – Beer Free Edition

by Keith Talent on May 10, 2011

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Overwhelmed with the VCBW hoopla? Me too. Go get a proper drink, a nice glass of wine and settle in for the barley pop free edition of Hit & Run. This week we read about local farmed  caviar production, check in at Tokyo Hooters (not guaranteed  one hundred percent beer free zone. Insidious stuff, it slips in everywhere.) And last look at the new design language used at McDonald’s. We’ll wait for you to pull a cork before we get started.

First up we have an excellent Slate piece from  inside the opening of the first Hooters in Tokyo. The fascinating takeaway was originally it was thought the chain wouldn’t be accepted in more modest Japan, but as it turns out the locals took to it as another cosplay cafe where it’s considered a cheerleader cosplay restaurant, which actually is what it is, so really not much a stretch in credibility.

Next we have The Globe reporting on a Sunshine Coast caviar producer. Hopefully the quality is good. I am looking forward to trying it.

Last we have an investigation into the interior redesign at McDonald’s currently working across the chains locations. Oops. I can think of a few new local rooms that resemble McDonald’s circa 2014. Get some interior designers on the phone, stat!


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