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Hit & Run – Hump Day Edition

by Keith Talent on March 9, 2011

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I despise the phrase “hump day”, why am I using it? Inside we’ve got a new world’s biggest chain restaurant, some tasty schadenfreude and revisit a topic from last week. Regardless, come on in and check out our mid week self-loathing edition.

First up, we have loud mouthed bro, Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini ripped off. I’ve always vacillated between two extremes regarding Lamborghinis, coolest cars on earth or douche-mobiles. I think this solves that argument.

Next up we have word that Subway has over taken McDonald’s as the worlds biggest fast food chain. Still no word what that weird smell emanating from every Subway on earth is.

Lastly we have an update on a story from last week, about the publication of Modernist Cuisine. The tome has now been reviewed in the New York Times by Micheal Rhulman, and Nathan Myrhvold, thin skinned multi-millionaire takes issue with the review on E-Gullet. Imagine how big a tantrum he’d have if it was a bad review.

I was left wondering how a book could be mind-crushingly boring, eye-bulgingly riveting, edifying, infuriating, frustrating, fascinating, all in the same moment. Every time I tore myself away from these stunning pages to emerge for air, I had to shake my head so hard my cheeks made Looney Tunes noises.


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