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Hit & Run – New Years Hangover Edition

by Keith Talent on January 7, 2011

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First Hit & Run of 2011, just in time for the inaugural weekend of the year, and starting the drunken recrimination cycle all over again. Lets get down to business. We’ve got coffee and horses and honey and a deceased chicken man and Chinese chefs too! It will be exciting.

First off we have news about Starbucks, or as the cool internet kids say *$’s redesigning their logo. Gone is the word coffee, replaced by nothing as they didn’t have enough room for “900 calorie, 60% RDA saturated fat, sickly sweet artificially flavoured milk shakes masquerading as adult beverages that it would be completely humiliating to be seen consuming through a straw while waddling through the mall.”

The Globe and Mail ruminates on the pleasures of horse, somewhere we’ve been before.

The Globe and Mail then writes on black market honey, which sounds way more bad assed than it really is. Yet again, we are brought back to the exceedingly simple solution of buying local honey to avoid tainted bee barf. The whole situation could be resolved if Lester could get a wire up on them and let Kima and McNulty crack the ring.

Then we have the obituary for someone that it is difficult to see as a food hero, but is fascinating regardless. Have a McNugget in his honour.

Lastly we have a video taken at the first HSBC Chinese Restaurant Awards Chef of the Year competition.  It was a well run and very impressive event.


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