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Mette-Marie Hansen

by Editor on September 2, 2010

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Mette-Marie Hansen is a blogger, green coffee buyer and all-eater. She has worked in coffee since 1999 in her home country Norway, in San Francisco, California and now Vancouver. However, she describes her life as anywhere-but-here, most of the time she’s on the road traveling to places where coffee grows and works with farmers on how to improve quality and to source out the best potential partners for the company she works. In addition to coffee, she loves all things edible and drinkable. She moved to Vancouver from San Francisco where she, in between ice-cream hunts, coffee tastings and endless amounts of tacos, co-curated the Good Food Awards coffee program. When not traveling, she explores Vancouver, trying to rock the apron, write a blog, walk a stolen dog, grow herbs in the fire escape and spend way too much money on eating and drinking out.

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stephen May 6, 2012 at 10:42 pm

Hi Mette-Marie,

I’ve just read your article dated back in Sept last year at Vancouver Insider on the website. In that article, you introduced Revolver Coffee which is using Chemex coffee maker and KONE coffee filter to brew coffee.

I always want to give Chemex a try. The only keep me away is I don’t like using paper filter. KONE coffee filter serves my purpose. I googled Coava which invented KONE filter but it seems Coava doesn’t carry this product anymore. I do email them inquiry about this. Hope I would get an answer.

Since I haven’t really seen and used KONE filter, just wonder if you have any experienced with this product. If so, how is it? Is it easy to use and clean? I know Chemex can be found at some kitchen stores. Where can I find KONE coffee filter in Vancouver? I don’t live in Vancouver. I will be there in my upcoming vacation. If there’s a store which carries this item, I could go there and buy it. Do you know any stores?

Sorry, I ask you questions here instead of leaving any comments. Hope that’s ok. Thanks.

Mette-Marie May 7, 2012 at 7:49 pm


thank you for your question! Coava and Able brewing (their brewing device operations) split at the end of last year, so they are no longer the same company.

You can look at http://ablebrewing.com/ for contact information. I suggest taking a trip to Revolver if you have the opportunity and discuss the use of it and they should have some to sell you in the store – maybe check with them before you get here. I am not personally a fan of their method or the device, because I feel the cleanliness of other filter brews is compromised. That’s simply why I like filter brews, and the Kone with the technique they are featuring at Revolver where they stir inside the Kone while brewing makes a pretty slushy brew, kind of like a french press. However, I am paying attention to what Able brewing is doing, and their products are consistently improving. There are also a few great tutorials on brewing technique on youtube for the Kone brewing that you should look up. If you choose to continue using filter, and in particular Chemex, I can not emphasize enough that the filter needs thorough rinsing in water – the weaving of the filter actually allows for this and it won’t break. Fold it back together and use. Also, always use the bleached ones, the “natural” ones taste awful.

Hope this is helpful!

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