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Mixed Plates Vol. 1 ~ Steak Frites

by paulkamon on June 16, 2010

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People ask me where I like to eat a lot. And the answer is typically: “all over!” But perhaps a better question, or at least the question I would rather answer is,” what dishes do you like to eat?”

So, in the lost artful tradition of a mixed tape, here is the first installment of what I like to call “Mixed Plates”, where I share some of my favourite dishes I have enjoyed on my recent travels. The kind of memorable plates that you want to keep on a regular rotation and share with others.

^ Steak Frites at Pied-à-Terre ~ AAA centre cut sirloin, hand cut pommes frites, creamed spinach and a baked tomato. $23.50 (wine by the glass $7.5-$13.75)

Steak frites. What’s not to adore? This classic Belgian meat-and-potatoes dish is both perfectly indulgent and simple. And with a glass of wine, it brings together one of the most pleasurable trios of sacred and delicious consumables from the Western Word into one meal.

Musical equivalent: 2 Wicky by Hooverphonic

Would Michael Pollan approve? Only if the beef was humanely and sustainably produced and eaten once in a month with a turkey-sized bowl of locally grown organic vegetables.

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~ PK

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