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Jacob Galbraith

by Editor on August 1, 2009

jacob-galbraithA Brief History Of This Young Line Cook

Jake Galbraith, born Jacob but later shortened for ease of shouting, was born and raised on Vancouver Island.  Fresh out of high school and genuinely aimless he found himself in the dish pit at a fancy shmancy resort.  It took about 8 seconds of doing the dishes to sort out that the cooks were in a much better situation, so he decided to set his sights on that.  Five years later, now with an apprenticeship completed, he was let loose on the unsuspecting city of Vancouver.  It was here that he “got the itch” and decided he was “more than just a line cook”, he was going to be a blogger.

Basically, he wants to tell you why so many people do what he does, and at the same time why so few actually manage to make a life out of it (see: it’s fun, and it’s really really hard).  So, after harassing Mr. Urban Diner, Paul Kamon, he was offered an internship of the writing variety.  He gladly accepted and immediately began writing a bio in the third person.

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