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Le Vieux Pin Joins Urban Diner

by admin on October 9, 2008

Le Vieux Pin

We warmly welcome the latest exceptional BC winery to join the Urban Diner community, Le Vieux Pin. Check out their new listing below:

LE VIEUX PIN is an Urban Diner supporter.

34070-73rd Street | Oliver
Tel: 250.498.8388
Email: info@levieuxpin.ca

Executive Director | Rasoul Salehi
Winery Shop Manager | Leigh Huddart

Le Vieux Pin - wine

Welcome to Le Vieux Pin, situated on the East Bench in Oliver, BC. We make our wines in the French tradition but with the latest in equipment and technique. We also grow organically and sustainably as we believe purity of grape leads to purity of wine. And that’s why we embarked on this adventure. To make the wines we dream of making.

In the Vineyard
Our vineyard strategy is an acknowledgement of the Old World with a gust of New World. History has demonstrated that the best wines ultimately come from the best vineyard sites. This is “terrior.” Fortunately for us (and you), the Okanagan Valley happens to be one of the best wine regions with its unique climate and variety of latitudes and soils. There is a perceptible difference in temperature and greenery, from the lushness of the north to the sage ridden desert in the south. Low rainfall, high heat units and a dry environment allow us to farm in a sustainable manner with all the respect the land deserves. 
 Our focus is to make wine representative of its terroir. Low-input viticulture is the method we use to get there. Dry farming, minimal fertilizer addition, high-density plantings (6 feet x 3 feet) and low yield will allow vines to show us who they really are deep down to the roots. Passionate people, a plant-by-plant approach and serious everyday monitoring are the pillars to a solid knowledge of each site.

The Winery
Built in the style of an old French railway station, this small winery is a little piece of Provence. Come enjoy lunch in our picnic area and have a game of boules, book a tour and tasting appointment with our friendly wine shop staff. Á votre santé!

Le Vieux Pin

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