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Lastella Winery Joins Urban Diner

by admin on October 6, 2008


We are happy to announce that Lastella Winery from Osoyoos has joined the growing Urban Diner community.  Take a look at their new listing below:

LASTELLA WINERY is an Urban Diner supporter.

8123 148th Avenue | Osoyoos
Tel: 250-495-8180
Email: info@lastella.ca


Winery Shop Manager | Trena Kraft
Executive Director | Rasoul Salehi

Close your eyes. Think of romance. Think of culture. Think of a warm, fresh breeze. Now open. You are in wine country with winding roads, natural beauty, warm people, artisans, musicians, wine lovers. LaStella was created to be the embodiment of the Tuscan way of life. For us, we are making more than wine. We are making a statement. We are making our own fun. We are making something different yet reassuringly familiar.


In the vineyards we do a blend of organic and biodynamic practices which we call ‘non-interventionism’.  Along with our Sister Winery; Le Vieux Pin, we have around  50 acres of small parcel, prime vineyards in Oliver’s Golden Mile and Black Sage Bench District as well as vineyards in Osoyoos Lake District. We have very distinct soil composition between our vineyards from very sandy to high gravel content to heavy clay with loam that result in very unique and distinctive wines. We also contract grapes from quality minded growers who have certified organic vineyards or grow organically. We practice dry farming with deficit irrigation; as a result our yields are very low and help concentrate the flavours and complexities in the fruit.  Our average yield is 2 tons per acre and for some of our wines as low as less than 1 ton per acre, compared to the widely accepted 4-6 tons per acre yields used with quantity focused producers. To get to such low yields we practice de-budding in spring time and green harvesting in late summer months to promote proper ripening of the remaining bunches for September’s harvest.

All of our grapes are hand harvested and delivered in 30lb micro picking bins compared to the widely used 1000lbs bins. The smaller bins prevent oxidations and off aromas and flavours.  We use two sorting tables.  The first table is where leaves, bugs and undesirable bunches are removed.  Then the grapes go through the de-stemmer.  The second is used to remove any other stems, grapes and matter missed the first time.  This method allows us 80% whole berry fermentation.  Our top wines are entirely de-stemmed by hand which allows for 100% whole berry fermentation. At La Stella we use gravity feed for filling our fermentation tanks. We use a combination of small batch temperature controlled stainless steel fermentors small open top oak fermentors.


Lastella offers a scenic setting overlooking Osoyoos Lake.  Our patio will offer a picnic license that will allow our customers to bring a picnic, purchase a bottle of wine and enjoy the scenery.  We will also be the first winery in the Southern Okanagan to offer boat access, allowing boats to dock and come up to the winery.


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