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New Lonely Planet Loves Urban Diner

by admin on June 10, 2008


While out and about tonight a media colleague mentioned that we’ve been singled out for special love in the new Lonely Planet guide to Vancouver. Curious, I walked over to Chapters, stole a copy, and found – huzzah! – a very generous box of text dedicated solely to our site in their section on dining. Read it after the leap.

Very little of what they’ve written about us is true, however. Take a look:

Vancouver’s overheated dining scene seems to be ever-changing, with new restaurants opening almost weekly. To keep up with the latest developments – and dip into the best gossip – visit Urban Diner (urbandiner.ca), Vancouver’s best foodie blog. Here, the city’s top restaurant reviewer, Andrew Morrison, gives his often irreverent take on area eateries, local chefs, and larger-than-life restaurateurs, offering no-holds-barred reviews of new openings for those who want to find out what’s hot and what’s not before they decide on their dinner destination. The forum pages are often very lively, and frequently include entries from chatty local chefs. You can also read Morrison’s weekly restaurant column in the Westender newspaper.

It’s clear they’ve never read any of my work, but I’m flattered just the same. One step closer to my dream job?

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