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Heth in NYC Part I

by admin on October 24, 2006

all photos courtesy George Vergette

Shannon Heth does PR for restaurants such as Parkside and Bistro Pastis.

So, here I am in New York, a city where you can get anything at anytime. I’m going to photoblog everything from the wonderful to the strange, and bring to fellow Urban Dinerites a week of eats from the big city…

Some of the places I’m going to visit have been recommeded by native New Yorkers, others are listed in Time Out, and then there’s the one I have to go to after hearing through a friend the name of the house cocktail: Jamie’s Pink Pussy.

Enjoy! xo Shannon

First up, Cafe Habana

Waiting in line for an hour on the Lower East Side while the hipsters dine.

House Specialty: grilled corn Mexican
style with chili powder, lime and cojita cheese.

Sincronizada: black bean and sundried
tomato tortillas with mozarella cheese and avocado

Steak enchiladas

One of the best Latin meals of my life, not just because the food was incredible, but also because in the heart of Manhattan, dinner for two including 4 Coronas and a Bloody Mary still equals just $43.00 before tax and tip.

And then, The Beauty Bar

The sign

The window display

The services

I didn’t take a picture of the raspberry cosmopolitan I had at Beauty Bar because we’ve all seen a drink that looks like that. What I haven’t seen before is someone getting a manicure in a bar at 12:30am surrounded by glitter walls, hair dryers and barber chairs. A girlie paradise!

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