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About Urban Diner

by admin on October 8, 2006

We are a Vancouver-based online magazine dedicated to bringing food and restaurant lovers the freshest information on what’s happening in and around British Columbia.


Adam Henderson | Beer Expert

Brian K. Smith | Events Photography

Colter Jones | Coffee

Hans Peter Meyer | Mid Island Review

Hunter J. Moyes | Food Activist

Jacob Galbraith | Kitchen Porn, Beer Reviews

Jay Jones | Barjonesing

Joe Wiebe |  Beer Reviews

John Clerides | Wine Expert

Joie Alvaro Kent | Full-Contact Eater

Keith Talent | Roving Unpredictable Correspondent

Kristy Gardner | Victoria Reviews

Lauren Mote | Cocktail Culture

Mette-Marie Hansen |  Coffee

Rick Green | BC Brew

Ron Berezan | Permaculture

Sheila Whittaker | Blind Tasting Reviews, Wine

Tim Pawsey | Hired Belly

Todd Caldecott | Health and Well-being


Paul Kamon


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